Your 24 Hour Guide to Norfolk County: Food, Drinks and Hospitality! Part 2!

Norfolk County – have you heard of it? It is a small county about 2 hours away from Toronto! If you haven’t been, start planning your next trip there! The people are friendly, and the food and drinks are plentiful! I recently visited for a short 24 hours and it was jammed pack full of food and fun!

If you missed Part 1 of my 24 hours adventure in Norfolk County, you can check it out here! We did so many amazing things in Norfolk on the first day you don’t want to miss!!

Here we go! Day 2: 

Breakfast at the Bear Hug Bed & Breakfast

I woke up to the smell of fresh coffee brewing and fresh pastries at the Bear Hug B&B. Can it get any better than that? We didn’t have a lot of time to explore Norfolk on the second day so we quickly enjoyed some breakfast, bid our farewells to Craig and Diane and headed back on the road with Ted.

Wholesome Pickins Farm

Wholesome Pickins Farm Fresh farm to table produce at Norfolk County

Fresh farm to table produce at Norfolk County Fresh farm to table produce at Norfolk County

Fresh farm to table produce at Norfolk County 

Fresh farm to table produce at Norfolk County Fresh farm to table produce at Norfolk County 

We stopped by the Wholesome Pickins Farm in Delhi and learned from owner Jenn about the history and the education of farming and crops they are providing for their visitors. The Wholesome Pickins Farm was once a tobacco farm as well but owners Jenn and David decided to go a different route and started growing strawberries, ever-bearing strawberries (this is a different type of strawberries that grows until Thanksgiving!) and raspberries. They both have education from the University of Guelph (Yes!! Go Gryphons! I graduated there too!) and used their science and horticultural education background to make Wholesome Pickins Farm the success that it is today. You will also find other Norfolk County goodies here like sweet corn, new potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, green and yellow beans, cherries, blueberries, cucumbers, asparagus and other in-season fruits and veggies.  Other non produce items that can be found here are honey, meats, lavender, and so many other goodies that come from surrounding Norfolk farms. Their main goal is to educate people about where their food comes from and when to expect certain produce depending on their growing season. I love this education piece and think it is so important to educate the public on this!

    Second Mouse Cheesetique Second Mouse Cheesetique Second Mouse Cheesetique

If you love cheese, you have to stop by the Second Mouse Cheesetique! Owner Teresa was once a dental hygienist and decided to live her dream to own a cheese boutique. She took the plunge, quit her day job and started up this beautiful shop in Delhi. (Go Teresa Go!!) You can find any kind of cheese imaginable here plus all the cheesy related products like cheese boards, crackers and other gourmet goodies! Even if you are not a cheese fan, stop by the shop and meet Teresa, her energy will truly brighten up your day!

Oversea workers enjoying a day of soccer and games Oversea workers enjoying a day of soccer and games

Oversea workers enjoying a day of soccer and games

Oversea workers enjoying a day of soccer and games

Remember how I mentioned about the Farms of Norfolk Football Association Tournament? We were able to stop by to see some of the action while we visited Norfolk! It was so great to see different farms, families and friends come together to celebrate the oversea workers. It is quite the site and makes you really appreciate how much work and how many people actually goes into getting our beloved produce to our kitchen table. Everyone who enjoys local produce should make a trip, chat with the farmers and workers and thank them for all the hard work they put in daily to make sure we get the best products!

Hops growing in Norfolk County

Charlotteville Brewing Company Charlotteville Brewing Company 

Charlotteville Brewing Company Charlotteville Brewing Company 

Charlotteville Brewing Company Charlotteville Brewing Company

Charlotteville Brewing Company Charlotteville Brewing Company

Charlotteville Brewing Company

Do you love a good microbrew beer?  Well who doesn’t, right!? We stopped by Charlotteville Brewing Company next and it was such an amazing experience. We got a tour of the whole brewery from where they grow their hops to how they make and canned their beers. The beers were tasty and refined and you really can find a brew for everyone at your next party! The facility is just stunning and they really care about the environment which is so nice to see. They are doing everything they can to reduce their carbon foot print, re-purpose as many products as they can (so many equipment and decorations you see around the brewery are re-purposed) and they care about their workers and pay a fair sustainable living wage to them! The passion from owners Melanie and Tim were so refreshing to see. I love seeing happy, passionate business owners! You just can’t help but to root for them! I know amazing things are going to continue to happen for Charlotteville Brewery and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

Bonnieheath Lavender and Winery

Bonnieheath Lavender and Winery Bonnieheath Lavender and Winery Bonnieheath Lavender and Winery

Bonnieheath Lavender and Winery

Bonnieheath Lavender and Winery

Our final stop of our whirlwind 24 hour Norfolk County tour brought us to the beautiful Bonnieheath Lavender and Winery farm.  Once again, this used to be a tobacco farm but current owners Steve and Anita turned it into a lavender and grape farm to produce beautiful lavender products and delicious wines!  The sandy soil left behind from the tobacco growing days actually makes it a great environment to grow lavender.  Peak time to visit is during July when the lavenders are in full bloom! You can enjoy it for a few weeks before they are all picked and used for lavender oil products. When you visit and look out into the field, the views are just breathtaking. The serenity of the lavender (both the site of them and their amazing scent) really creates a calming effect. It is such a great place to come, sit, relax and enjoy the lavender. Many people also host parties and events at the farm since it is just so scenic.

Wow, what an experience this was at Norfolk County. I fall in love with this place more and more each time I visit. I really just can’t get enough and am already starting to think of all the other spots I can hit up on my next adventure at Norfolk County! If you are looking for a local getaway that is great for anyone in your family, seriously go check out Norfolk! Whether you like food, drinks, nature or all of the above, you will find something to make everyone happy during your trip!  What are you waiting for? Jump into your car and get to Norfolk County for a delicious one of a kind adventure that is right in our backyard!

*Disclaimer: This was a sponsored trip. As always all opinions are my own!*

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