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Wvrst – Sausage Fest!

I first heard about Wvrst while watching Anthony Bourdain’s layover – Toronto episode. Since I was never a huge fan of hot dogs, I did not keep it in mind for a restaurant I wanted to visit in Toronto.

My husband visited Wvrst during a work event and had great things to say about it so we decided to give it a try before we went to see The Book of Moron.

As you enter, there is a chalkboard that says when the beer lines were last cleaned. I thought this was pretty neat, maybe it is because I work in this industry and appreciate their dedication of cleanliness!

The atmosphere was very laid back and as you walk in, you notice the family style seating along with the large bar that takes up one side of the wall (serving lots of interesting wines, beers sourced locally. On the opposite wall, there is a huge Wvrst logo on a bright red wall which created a very warm ambience.

Wvrst logo
Warm welcome sign

We walked up to the counter and immediately noticed the glass displaying all the different meat sausages available. There was everything from pheasant, guinea fowl, duck, kangaroo to vegan!    I definitely wanted to try something out of the ordinary so we ordered the pheasant and kangaroo sausage. We also got an order of duck fat fries.  The pheasant sausage we ordered was cut up and served with a slice of toast and Wvrst curry sauce. The Kangaroo we had served up in a bun with onions and red peppers.

Display of all different types of sausages
Display of all different types of sausages

After ordering, you simply grab your own water, cutlery from a station and sit down anywhere you like.   Most likely you will be sitting next to a stranger which makes the experience more fun! This is a great place to meet some new people. They put a number where you are sitting so they can deliver the food to the right guests.

After about 15 minutes, our food came. Even though the ingredients were quite exotic, the fun presentation and cooking style was simple and comforting.  The duck fat fries were tasty but I did not really notice anything different from regular fries. They had an endless list of dipping sauces. We chose the curry and mint sauce and the chipotle sauce which were both full of intense flavours.

The kangaroo and pheasant sausages were tasty and interesting. They were both cooked very well and were nice and juicy.  If I visit Wvrst again, I will try a more conventional sausage to see if they can knock the taste out of the park.

Kangaroo & pheasant sausages
Kangaroo & pheasant sausages
Duck fat fries with dipping sauces
Duck fat fries with dipping sauces

As we were eating, the Friday after work crowd started trickling in. Wvrst definitely has a high male to female ratio (This place became a sausage fest – harhar – I had to!). Most of the patrons were males coming in a large group to grab a beer and a bite to eat before heading home for the weekend.

Overall, Wvrst is definitely a fun place to grab a quick bite to eat. The staff and crowd are both friendly. All around a great place to go for any casual occasions.

Wvrst - Sausage Fest! I first heard about Wvrst while watching Anthony Bourdain’s layover – Toronto episode. Since I was never a huge fan…
Pretty Good
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