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Sin city – Food Edition!

Toronto to Las Vegas is usually a 4.5 hour airplane ride. My journey was eventful and long (emergency landing for a sick passenger! Yikes!) After my tiring journey, I was ready for some good eats.

I only had a couple of days in Las Vegas and wanted to make the best out of it.  Planning my itinerary was hard since I had to fit work, sun, and of course lots of delicious food onto the agenda. Since I have been to Las Vegas a few times, I had a good memory about the strip and where to go. I did my research and narrowed down to these must try places: Giada at the Cromwell, Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill in Caesars Palace, Roy’s (deserving of its own review), and Pho Kim Long.


Sorbet 3 ways
Sorbet 3 ways


I read about her restaurant while researching places to eat in Vegas before I left for my trip. I always enjoyed watching her show on the Food Network so I was curious to see what she had to offer.  It was in my mind to go sometime during my trip. What really got me going were those endless commercials on the back of the cab seats while you are riding. I was continuously brained washed during my cab ride from the airport to my hotel and was pretty much convinced this should be my first stop for lunch. I checked into my hotel, freshened up and happily changed into summer clothes and headed out for Giada. Since I was staying at the Bellagio, it was a nice short walk to Giada which is located inside the Cromwell Hotel. The restaurant is located upstairs and the décor is very modern and classy. I got a seat in the bar and was immediately greeted by one of the bartender. She was so friendly and recommended the arugula salad. I decided to go with her pick and added the chicken Milanese on top of it. As I waited for my lunch, I enjoyed the light atmosphere and some delicious bread. The salad came shortly after and it was delicate, perfectly dressed and the chicken Milanese was cooked nicely.  I thoroughly enjoyed the salad and it was the perfect meal after a long jet lagged day. I wanted something sweet to finish off my lunch so I ordered the sorbet 3 ways.  These were intensely flavourful and as the sorbet melted on my tongue, the intensity was unreal. I would highly recommend Giada for a great meal in Vegas. If I in town again, I would come back for sure.

Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill:

Fish & Chips with minted mushy peas
Fish & Chips with minted mushy peas

Gordon Ramsay is one entertaining guy on television; I have heard great things about his restaurants around the world but have never experienced it for myself. When I was researching where to eat, an old friend of mine that lives in Las Vegas now recommended I try the classic fish and chips from Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill.  After a day of conference, I squeezed in an hour of sun by the beautiful Bellagio pool. After soaking in the sun, I was ready for some greasy comfort food. I took a stroll up and down many escalators, bypassing throngs of drunken party goers and finally arrived at the Caesars Palace where the restaurant is located. The hotel is huge and it took me some time and a quick look at the hotel map to locate the restaurant.  Once I arrived, it was PACKED! The wait for regular tables was at least 20 minutes. Luckily, I was dining alone and scored a table right away. The service was not spectacular is but they did their job and brought everything out I needed in a timely manner – I cannot complain! I browsed the menu quickly just for fun since I knew I was going to order the fish & chips anyway. The food came out very fast and everything was piping hot. Portion size for the cod was nice and big with loads of fries and a side of minted mushy peas. The fish and chips were crunchy, tasty and everything I was hoping for. The real shining star for me was those minted mushy peas. I am not sure why they tasted so good to me but I finished them before the rest of my food and even dipped my fries in them. (If anyone knows the recipe – please share!!!) Overall, the service was prompt, efficient, but not very personable. The food was just as expected and comforting.  The atmosphere is fun and would be a great place to grab some drinks and share some pub food before going out for the evening.

Pho Kim Long:

Beef Pho
Beef Pho


This restaurant was recommended by Chef Roy Yamaguchi! This pho restaurant is off the strip and in Las Vegas China Town. Their China town is not what I expected but more of a strip mall full of cafes, shops and restaurants. Pho Kim Long was voted the best Vietnamese restaurant in Las Vegas in 2013 and it shows! The restaurant was packed with families and work outings and a line was already forming. I came just in time before the line started and placed my order for beef pho. In a blink of an eye, the large hot bowl of pho arrived. The aromatic soup filled my nose with happiness. The beef was tender and the soup was very rich in flavours. I gobbled down the soup quickly and was simply satisfied. The prices here were reasonable and not the usual Vegas prices which was very nice for a change.  The servers were prompt, efficient like any good pho restaurant. Only down side is the location. If you do not have a car, it is a good cab ride out of the strip, but well worth it!

Overall, it was a fantastic mini food journey through Las Vegas. I would highly recommend any of these places to eat if you are stopping by sin city in the near future!

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