Toronto’s Gentlemen’s Expo Winner


CONGRATS to Adam, for his Red Velvet Cake!

“My girlfriend is such a dessert lover. Her absolute favourite is red velvet cheesecake. I’ve made it for her probably 4 times now. The first time didn’t come out too good, being as I burnt them a bit. Luckily I’ve been getting better and she swears to me that the difference is huge from the first time I made them. Sometimes I’ll add just a tad of nutella on top because who honestly can say that nutella doesn’t make anything better.”

Red velvet cake is a very intricate and difficult dessert to make and master! Your perseverance to make it 4 times for your girlfriend is impressive, and definitely Gentlemanly. Great job!

Honorable mention goes to:
* Ann with the accidental dessert pockets!
* Reena spoiling her husband on the weekend with her version of Huevos Rancheros, check it out here 

Thank you to everyone for entering! The quality of the submissions made it tough for our panel of decorated chefs (ha!) to decide on a winner. This won’t be our last contest. So keep cooking and keep experimenting. See you all at the show

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