Toronto’s 1st Annual Sustainable Dim Sum

When I heard Toronto was having a dim sum festival, I was in! Born in Hong Kong, dim sum is in my blood. Enjoying dim sum is all about sharing and spending time with family and friends. Most dim sum dishes are smaller in portion and it really encourages you to try a variety of items. I like to eat a lot, so dim sum is totally my jam!

When it comes to sustainability in general for Asian cuisine (including dim sum), it is probably not the top of mind for the chefs. But as time passes and we see how the planet is changing, this is a very important topic.

With the new generations of cooks and chefs changing the culinary scene, it would be super exciting to see how sustainability plays into our future dining experiences.

On March 8th, Drinks Inc Events hosted the 1st annual Sustainable Dim Sum event right at the heart of Toronto. Guests paid $55 and received a passport to sample dishes from a variety of food and beverage vendors.  From most of the vendors, you received only one sample, so everyone had a fair chance to taste all the dishes.

Here are some pictures of all the good eats. Restaurants that participated were Centennial College, Bruce Wine Bar, Pork Ninjas, C-fu foods (they served crickets!), Hawthorne food and drink, Saturday Dinette, Lake Inez, Daniel et Daniel, Cafe Belong, Kanpai Snack Bar, Duggan’s Brewery and DaiLo.

My favourite had to be DaiLo’s Big Mac Bao. Chef Nick Liu was so passionate about all the ingredients and love he put into this bun, it was really awesome!  I loved how these dishes were not your “traditional” dim sum.  Before the event took place, haters where hating on the fact that some of the food and drink vendors were not “traditional”. I don’t think it matters when it comes to just sharing great sustainable food and with the wide variety of dishes, I felt it really represented our cultural diversity in Toronto. (Haters gonna hate I guess!)

The beverage vendors included Walter Caesar, Mill St. Brewery, Muskoka Brewery, George Brown College, 401 Cidery, Beau’s All Natual Brewing Co., and Brickworks Ciderhouse.

I really enjoyed this event and hope they run another sustainable dim sum event next year where it is even bigger and better (but at a larger venue since it was quite crowded already). One thing I would of changed for this year’s event was the knowledge from the cooks and chefs. A lot of them didn’t know how their dish was “sustainable” but the handy signs definitely helped answer all my questions.
Thanks Drinks Inc Events for having me at the event.
Entry was complimentary but as always, opinions are my own.

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