Toronto Underground Market, Summer of 2014. The last hurrah!

Happy 3rd Birthday TUM!

It was a bittersweet event! TUM turns 3 but this one was their last event! Over the last 3 years, many locals came together to showcase their one of a kind treats. Torontonians had a chance to sample some of the cities’ greatest!

For the final TUM, many of the TUM alums returned.  Many favourites including La CarnitaRock Lobster Food Co.Fidel Gastro’s, HotbunzzBabi & Co.Big E’s Hawaiian GrindsM.E.N.U. Food Truck, Stuffed & Co., Tromba Tequila were amongst the list of vendors that were pumping out one of a kind dishes.

I heard great things about Rock Lobster and Fidel Gastro’s but I was super excited to have some Hawaiian food from Big E’s Hawaiian Grinds. I love everything Hawaii and finding a place in Toronto that serves Poke is pretty much impossible. When Big E’s tweeted that they will have poke I was thrilled!


It starts with a stamp.
It starts with a stamp.

TUM was held at 99 Sudbury Street in Toronto which is very easy to find. Parking was a little more difficult but after circling around a bit, we were able to find a decently priced parking spot. We arrived around 430pm and the line has already started. The volunteers were super friendly and you can feel the excitement from all the foodies gathering.

Doors opened at 5pm and everyone rushed to their favourite food vendor.  My husband and I went straight to Big E’s Hawaiian Grinds and ordered one Poke and one Kona coffee chicken. They were both to die for and very satisfying. I almost closed my eyes and pretended we were back in Hawaii. (If only!)

After that, we stopped by Fidel Gastro’s and got their famous pad thai fries. They were tangy and nicely spiced. The squirt of lime really made the flavours pop.

Lines were getting long at most of the vendors and we decided to divide and conquer. I waited in the gushi chicken line and my husband went to the Babi & Co line to get some pork skewers.  From Gushi Chicken we got the nanban flavour which is a vinegar based sauce.  The 3 large pieces of fried chicken coated in the nanban sauce was fantastic.  At Babi & Co, we ordered the Mami Sate Babi which was one of my favourite dishes from TUM. It was simple but full of flavour.

We had room for one more dish and decided to go with the ramen noodle from feasTO. The handmade ramen had just the right chewiness and the smoked chicken was great! They are also going to be featured on Food Network’s Food truck faceoff. It is great to see these small ventures from Toronto take shape into more established businesses.

It was a beautiful warm day for Toronto and the patio was buzzing with energy from TUM fans enjoying the last Toronto Underground Market.

We thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality from each vendor, the energy, excitement the patrons brought in and most of all the unique food and talent that these Toronto Chefs shared.  It is moments like these where you are proud to be a part of a city that has such culinary innovations.

Happy 3rd Birthday TUM! It was a bittersweet event! TUM turns 3 but this one was their last event! Over the last 3 years, many…
Yes, I will return!

Final Score:

TUM – I really hope you will return or come up with an even better event in the near future. Thanks for the delicious food!

  • Overall Rating 9

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