The Tastiest Box – Everything You Need to Know about this Food Subscription Box!

The Taste Box

As most of you know, I don’t live in Toronto so sometimes the food selections from groceries to restaurants are slim.  This is where online shopping come into play! I love looking online to see if I can order unique ingredients and it is a big bonus to not have to leave the house and drive an hour away to get something special!

I recently discovered The Taste Box through Instagram! The Taste Box was founded out of an adventurous spirit and the love of all things food. Owners Matt and Jennifer wanted to find ingredients to inspire cooks and chefs to create amazing dishes right in the comfort of their homes!  Their goal is to always find the best ingredients and their friends always rely on them for recommendations on where to find the best food and ingredients. They decided to turn this into a business and The Taste Box was born. You can order monthly curated boxes through their website and create wonderful dishes that you may of never have tried. I tried one of their Crowd Pleaser boxes and it included a goat cheese rub, an oliver spread, a lovely bottle of harissa and a flat bread mix which was delicious! Everything came super fast and the flavours were delicious. You can really tell that The Taste Box team do not skim on quality. Everything you get in the boxes are top notch! Other boxes you can order from them include “Fire up the Grill”, “India At Home” and many more! You can find all the details here.

The Taste Box

All boxes have 3 to 5 gourmet ingredients in it and is inspired by the flavour of the month! I love how they make it easy to try different flavours from around the world!

I was so excited about these amazing ingredients, I partnered up with The Taste Box to give one lucky reader a FREE box!  Head over to my Instagram page for all the details and to enter there!


*Disclaimer: The Taste Box was a complimentary gift. All opinions are my own!*

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