The Taste of Tuscany lands in Milton Ontario!



One of the many reasons why I love living in Milton is because of the amazing array of restaurants that are in this town. You can find everything from a casual burger joint to some amazing fine dining restaurants. One of the town’s most loved fine dining restaurants is Pasqualino Fine Foods.  Opened in the heart of Milton in 2002, Italian food lovers can enjoy authentic Italian cuisine without jetting off to Italy.

Every year Pasqualino holds The Taste of Tuscany, which brings the flavours of the infamous Tuscany region to curious diners in the Halton region.  And for this year’s event, world-renowned chef Francesco Lagi created some amazing, real-deal Italian dishes.

When I first looked at the menu I thought it was Winterlicious-type of menu where you pick one of the appetizer, one of the mains, and one dessert. But to my surprise, everything on menu was included in this year’s event.  You can only imagine how excited I was when I realized that every item on the menu would make its way onto my dinner plate, then into my stomach.

Here’s a inside look at some of the good eats from Taste of Tuscany:

A selection of Tuscan beef recipes: Crostini with beef sauce and juniper berries, (pictured) Beef cheek salad with seasonal vegetables, capers and balsamic vinegar and “Francesina” Boiled beef with onions and tomatoes

“Gnudi” Naked ravioli with ricotta cheese and spinach, served with butter and sage. This was seriously good!

De-boned chicken stuffed with lettuce, roasted ham, pecorino cheese, served with potatoes and zucchini. A taste of Tuscan Beef “Peposo” (not pictured because I devoured it before I could take a picture.  Sorry, not sorry.)

Almond biscuits “Cantuccini” and Apple cake with cinnamon semi freddo.

What I loved about this experience at Pasqualino Fine Foods was that the staff treated you like family. It really felt like you were going to your Grandma’s home for a nice hearty meal.  I felt so… Italian.  And it was wonderful.  Many “fine dining” restaurants have very small portions with service that can be hit-or-miss, but this was not the case at Pasqualino.  There was so much food that at one point, the servers walked around with takeout containers.

At this point I rolled myself out of the restaurant with a giant takeout bag to enjoy my leftovers for days.  This is the true, Italian way.  Nobody leaves hungry.

If you haven’t tried Pasqualino Fine Foods, it is time to Treat Yo Self!

Note to readers: the food you see here isn’t part of their usual, year-round menu.  I’ll report on that in the very near future.  But until then, make it your life mission to try The Taste of Tuscany next time it rolls around.

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