The Bier Markt @Square One: Incredible Food with Insane Beer Selection. Prost!

When you think of the Bier Markt, the first thing that probably comes to mind is their hardcore, mind-boggling beer selection.  And you’d be totally justified in thinking that.  After all, they do have 150 different kinds of beers on tap and in bottles hailing from over 30 beer-brewing nations.  But did you know their food menu is also just as impressive?  Because it is!




Bier Markt locations have been popping up everywhere across Canada with a (growing) total of 8 bustling locations.  I recently stopped by the Square One location in Mississauga to check out their beer, food, and entertainment.  And I was not disappointed.



Fun fact about the Bier Markt: it is one person’s sole job to manage their vast beer inventory (not all heroes wear capes).  So, first things first- I had to order a beer from their gigantic, book-sized menu!  You’ve got your classics- Guinness, Keith’s, Bud and the likes.  But this is the place where you wander outside of your beer and lager comfort zone.  The Bier Markt menu includes everything from gluten-free beers, to stouts, to non-alcoholic selections.  I settled on the Chimay Trappist Ale, which is one of the Trappist beers that are brewed by Monks in a Belgian monastery. Monk-brewed craft beers.  C’mon- how cool is that? The water in Trappist beers are locally-sourced from the monastaries’ well.  The Chimay Trappist Ale is a “double” which is a strong brown ale.  Not too bitter with a nice nutty flavour.  This bad boy was huge, 750mL with 7% alcohol, so pace yourself and get lots of delicious food to go with it.








Speaking of which, let the gluttony begin! Right now, the Bier Markt is stepping up their food game with an Oktoberfest menu (running until October 23rd, so hurry over).  The Oktoberfest menu had delicious items like pretzels, schnitzel, and wurst! You really can’t go wrong with anything, on this menu.  I went with the Pork Schnitzel. Lightly-crusted pork with panko and was served with sauteed green beans, emmental cheese spätzle (think of it as the European lovechild of a dumpling and a noodle. This is a very good thing!), braised red cabbage and some gravy on the side.  The pork was delicious but the side dish of veggies and spätzle blew my mind.  I never had spätzel before but this cheesy noodley gooey goodness was just magical. I learned that I could eat a whole plate of just spätzle.



From the Bier Markt’s non-Oktoberfest menu, I ordered the chicken and spatzle soup (further proving my newest addiction to spätzle). The beer can chicken was moist, tender, and tasted just like your Mom’s chicken soup. It was mixed with spätzle, sweet peas, vegetables in a homemade chicken broth and topped with dill. This dish was simple, but so tasty and homey. I really liked how it wasn’t loaded with salt and had a great balance of flavours.


I can’t possibly leave a bar without trying some of the local pub fare!  And thankfully, Bier Markt has an amazing burger – The Merchant Burger.  This is an 8 oz. Wagyu beef burger with smoked bacon, charred red onion, vine ripened tomato, iceberg lettuce, and their signature “Bier 58” sauce. It was cooked medium rare and the beef just melted in my mouth. Cooked to medium-rare perfection.  I’d order this again. And again.


They also have a great charcuterie selection on their menu. You can build your own board with meats and cheese sourced from Canada (or abroad, if that’s what you’d prefer). The charcuterie board comes with a homemade mustard, pickle jar and grilled bread. This would make a great appetizer or snack with a nice glass of wine. You’ve got to try it!




At this point I was so full and wondering why I ate so much.  But I heard great things about the duck wings and I was so happy I tried them, even if it meant unbuttoning my pants just to fit it in.  Their Dunkel Duck Wings (side note: they’re gluten-free) are slow-braised duck drumettes that are fried and rubbed with a dry spice mixture.  The rub was phenomenal.  I am not sure what the spices were, but it really reminded me of Chinese five spice.  The duck just fell off the bone and was tender, juicy and just unreal.


As you can imagine, Bier Markt gets packed during sporting events (tonight was ALCS Game 1 of Blue Jays vs Indians).  They have huge TV screens throughout the restaurant so you can stay on top of the action where ever you are.  If you are not a sports fan, don’t worry, there’s entertainment for you too- throughout the week they have DJs and live music.  Check out the schedule here.





I was really happy that I stopped by the Bier Markt at Square One.  The quality of the food and beer selection is miles above the average pub.  I’d definitely come back and highly recommend that you check it out, whether you’re a casual bar-goer or just love food that hits the spot.  The Bier Markt is the only place in Canada to serve Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier and Paulaner Helles Original Munich Lager, some of the official Oktoberfest beers.  There’s something for everyone, here.

A big thank you Gray, David, and Annette for hosting me at Bier Markt Square One.

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