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If you know me, you know that I LOVE teas! I’ve probably drank more tea than plain water in my life – seriously!  I’m surprised that the tea manufacturers aren’t sending me royalties, at this point. I was delighted to find out there is tea room serving high tea only 10 minutes from where I live in Milton.

The Escarpment Tea Room is run by the lovely Edwina Doddington, a United Kingdom-native and now fellow Miltonian. She opened up this establishment in October 2015, right by the Italian Canadian Club.

So.  What is high tea/afternoon tea exactly you ask?

Afternoon tea was for the rich! They needed a snack in between their lunch and dinner (which they usually have around 8pm). Whereas high tea was for more for the working class getting home after a hard day’s work ready for some grub. The difference in name was due to the fact that high tea was usually at a regular dinner table compared to afternoon tea usually consumed at a lower table while sitting on a couch. Eventually the rich created their own version of high tea (basically enjoying it while there were no servants around and they can easily make their own food). Nowadays, both terms are interchangeable and tea rooms call it both afternoon, or, “high” tea.

The Escarpment Tea Room-24

The Full High Tea menu is only $19.50 per person and includes a large pot of tea, veggie tray, finger sandwiches, and quiches.  You can also get the Cream Tea which includes a dessert platter with some delicious homemade treats and a pot of tea or coffee.

The Escarpment Tea Room-5
Finger Sandwiches
Veggie Tray
Veggie Tray
Dessert Platter
Dessert Platter

Most of the menu items are made fresh by Edwina and if you have any allergies or food sensitivities, she can accommodate it too. She only uses fresh quality ingredients for her sandwiches and desserts and never uses canned salmon (impressive!)

Teas everywhere!
Teas everywhere!
More Teas!
More Teas!

The Escarpment Tea Room-1

"For You" tea!
“For You” tea!

Now, let’s talk teas! Edwina probably has a hundred different teas available. From herbal to black teas, anything you can name– she has it.  She even has a designated Tea Blender (an expert who sources and supplies teas, for the uninitiated), Gaston from Hyleys Tea Company. We enjoyed a cup of specially-blended tea for European Women’s Day called “For You” which was delicious!

The Escarpment Tea Room-9

The Escarpment Tea Room-19

The Escarpment Tea Room-20

The lovely space can seat up to 43 people and it is decorated with all things tea! This cute space hosts many wedding parties, bridal showers and baby showers every weekend. Make sure you call for a reservation as spaces fills up fast!  (Edwina caters too!)

Beautiful dishes!
Beautiful dishes!

It’s not just the food and teas that make The Escarpment Tea Room amazing, but it’s also the charming Edwina herself who’s incredibly warm and welcoming to all her guests.  All of her guests were mingling with each other, despite having just met that same day!  This place isn’t just a tea room- it’s an institution that makes a town like Milton a great community. I’m definitely coming back with friends and family to enjoy some more high tea.

The Escarpment Tea Room-22

The Escarpment Tea Room-23

You can find The Escarpment Tea Room at 104 Tremaine Road North in Milton, Ontario, next to the Italian Canadian Club. You can call 905 875 5898 and set a reservation. Hours of operation for the tea room are Monday, Thursday and Sundays at 1pm-5pm. She accepts credit, debit, cash and e-transfers too!

What is your favourite tea room to enjoy some high tea? Comment below!

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