Taste of France in Toronto!

Update! RepChampion now offers sweet macarons (yay!) along with their unique savoury macarons line. Just like the savoury macarons, these delicious sweet ones are imported from France and handmade by a dedicated family for the last 3 decades.  (Does it get anymore authentic than this?)


The flavours include salted caramel, vanilla, pistachio, raspberry, licorice, and chocolate coffee. The flavours are so powerful in these macarons, you can really tell they did not cheap out on the ingredients. I didn’t expect my favourite to be the vanilla one, imagine eating a scoop of the best quality vanilla ice cream you can get (just thinking about it is making me hungry).  Vanilla may be considered the “boring” flavour, but definitely not in this case. There is no denying the high quality of these macarons! You must try them! 

RepChampion also have their unique line of savour macarons – keep reading to see my original blog post about them!


Macarons have been all rage in last couple of years! The rise of macaron dates as far back as the Revolutionary France during the 1700s.  Legend has it that French nuns baked and sold these during difficult times to help them pay for day-to-day essentials. It’s also believed that macarons had a much more humble beginning, having started out with no filings or the array of unique flavours that we’ve come to associate them with.  We’ve all tasted the notoriously sweet and airy macarons that come in the usual flavours of chocolate, strawberry, coffee, and lemon.  But today is different- today we get introduced to the beauty of savoury macarons.

And who better to discuss the lesser-known French treat than Moroccan-Canadian Kaoutsar “Katsy” Entifi from RepChampion Canada.  Katsy imports only the most delicious, difficult-to-acquire goods from France Originelle, and is making the Greater Toronto Area the latest new home for savoury macarons.

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill macarons.  France Originelle’s goods are hand-made in France and are only made using the highest quality, freshest ingredients.  You can taste the French pride in these macarons, and it’s no wonder why they’re used in many of France’s most prestigious sporting events. Their gourmet savoury macarons have even won Le Trophée de la Gastronomy, one of France’s highest distinctions.

These macarons have such a nice balance in flavours.  The airy shells are only-so-slightly sweet and the fillings are savoury and comforting. Flavours include goat cheese, figs and onions, red pepper, green olive tapenade, mushroom, and carrots and cumin. Since I have never had savoury macarons before, I was super excited to try these out.  My personal favourites were the orange & cumin, goat cheese and figs and onions. You can really taste the quality of these products.  I was definitely taken by surprise by them (and I mean that in the best way possible).

These delicious macarons are the benefits of Pure Bean Office Cafe and also so versatile and can be enjoyed as an appetizers, a snack, enjoy with your afternoon coffee or tea, and even accompany a salad.

RepChampion’s savoury macarons make great party favours for any special event that you’re a part of, whether it’s wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, or even that potluck dinner that you forgot to plan for (whoops!).  Whatever you’re planning for, Katsy’s sells these individually packed and gift boxed.  Katsy’s got you covered.

In the future Katsy would like to import other French goodies including crepes, buckwheat crepes, honeys, olive oils.  Expect great things from this ‘gal.

If you’re a fan of macarons, you’ve got to try these! Make sure you visit Katsy’s Repchampion Canada website and order yourself some today!

A huge thank you to Katsy for sharing these wonderful macarons with me!  Don’t sleep on this one, folks.  Try it.

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