Saveur some of these Natural & Good for YOU spices!

Spoons with Spices

Often times you go to the grocery store to buy spice mixes and they are loaded with salt, salt and more salt.  As we get more and more conscience about what goes into our bodies, it is nice to have companies like Saveur create spice blends that are all natural with very little sodium! (How I wish all food companies would reduce their salt and sugar content!)

There are over 40 different spice blends from Saveur and they are all unique and tasty. Some of my favourites are Spiced Beet Hummus Mix, Spicy Cajun Mix, and the Japanese Curry Mix.  I love how they incorporated different ethnic spices as well!

Sometimes combining your own spice blends can be intimating or your spice cabinet just does’t look like the spice aisle at Bulk Barn (darn! – how I wish!).  Saveur takes all the guess work away and makes seasoning your meals super simple, healthy and delicious. And as Guy Fieri says, it is like “flavour town” here!

Homemade hummus

I recently made my go to hummus recipe but decided to add the Spiced Beet Hummus Mix to give it some extra colour and flavour! And boy did it elevate the flavour! I really liked how these spice mixes are subtle but still very flavourable. They are not overwhelming and definitely won’t over power your food but it just gives your dish an extra zing!  (If you want the recipe to my hummus, check it out here.  And for those pita bread, yes they are homemade, get the recipe here!) 

If you want to pick some of these delicious spices up, talk to my friend, Allison here! Thanks Allison for sharing these spices with me!

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