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It was my 5th trip to Roy’s restaurant.  And it was the 5th time that I was blown-away.

Roy’s have been my favourite restaurant since my husband and I got engaged in Hawaii. We just happened to stumble upon the restaurant and decided to try it out. The service was top notch with servers that knew their stuff! The food was beyond amazing from appetizers to desserts. When we were married in Maui a couple of years later, we thought what better place to have our wedding dinner than Roy’s. Again, they did not disappoint. Our guests loved the food and ambiance as much as we did.

Fast-forward a year later, we were in California and found out there was a Roy’s at Pebble Beach. We went out of our way to check it out again. Minus the beautiful Hawaiian scenery, everything was exactly as we expected and more.

When we were planning our 3rd trip to Hawaii, the first thing that popped into my mind was Roy’s. We went to a different location in Oahu and fell in love with the bold flavours alongside the fresh local ingredients.

Every time we visited Roy’s, it was so memorable and satisfying, I would recommend it to anyone visiting a city with a Roy’s there.

A couple of months ago, I had a business trip to Las Vegas for a couple of days. Not being a gambler or partier, I was glad Las Vegas offered an array of great cuisine. I read that there was a Roy’s in Las Vegas but never had the chance to check it out. I was only in Las Vegas for a couple of days and did not have much free time. I contacted Roy’s to see if I can do a review on their fantastic cuisine and service. The manager, Rodney replied to my email and invited me to dine at the Chef’s bar. It was Friday night and I had a couple of hours of free time before leaving for the airport. Took a quick 10min cab ride out of the busy strip and the familiar purple Roy’s sign was all I wanted to see to end this trip on a great note.
As soon as I stepped into the restaurant, I was treated like royalty. The host had my information and showed me to the chef’s bar promptly. As I took a seat, Qui Trinh, the Chef introduced himself right away and made me feel very welcome. Relaxed, I looked through the menu and started munching on the edamame the staff brought out. At this point, my server, Nico came out with a big warm smile, introduced himself, and guided me through the menu and offered his favourites. I ordered the fish three ways: Mahi Mahi, Salmon and Misoyaki (butterfish). As I am waiting for my entrée, the chef created a couple of appetizers for me to sample, including a delicious sushi roll and giant garlic prawns. The sushi roll was to die for, full or flavours and the fish tasted so fresh. The prawns were cooked just right and I was beginning to get full from not being able to stop eating the fantastic appetizers.


The chef’s bar allows the guest to have a full view of the kitchen. The cooks and chef worked in a memorizing way to get all the plates out promptly and beautifully. As they cooked, it looked like a well-rehearsed dance. The service is outstanding! Never once was my water glass empty. I never had to ask for anything, my needs were definitely anticipated.

The main entrée was just as appetizing. All three fish were cooked to perfection. Tender and moist, I tried to stuff my already full stomach to try to finish every last bite.

Unfortunately, I had to throw in the towel as my belly was about to explode and I envisioned myself having to roll onto my flight in a few hours.

Chef Trinh came by to check up on me and I had nothing but praises. We chatted for a few minutes and I thanked him for a great meal and a perfect way to end my trip to Las Vegas. As he went back into the kitchen, Nico came by and placed a dessert spoon in front of me and said “don’t worry, it will be a small dessert!” Before you know it, a beautiful plate of homemade mint ice cream alongside chocolate donut holes (or Timbits for us Canadians) appeared. I was thankful for the empire waist dress I choose to wear that night! I have never tasted mint ice cream so delicious before. It tasted so fresh as if I was chewing on a piece of mint!

The overall experience from Roy’s in Las Vegas was exceptional and did not disappoint.  A great big thank you to Rodney, Qui, Nico and the rest of the staff for making another trip to Roy’s an unforgettable one.

It was my 5th trip to Roy's restaurant.  And it was the 5th time that I was blown-away. Roy’s have been my favourite restaurant since…
Amazing. Go here. NOW.

Final score:

  • Overall Rating 10

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