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Taro posing with Rayne Clinical Nutrition Rabbit cat food

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post with Rayne Clinical Nutrition and I have been compensated monetarily*

If you have pets, you know they are pretty much family! So, I am often surprised to see people feeding their cats and dogs really crappy food from the dollar store. I really believe, you are what you eat and that goes for pets too!

We have two rescue cats; both of them are Persians and have some medical issues, like asthma! (Yes, they use a puffer!)  Other than the smoosh in nose that causes some issues, they are pretty low key and very friendly!

A few years ago, we noticed one of our cats, Taro (can you tell I love food, we named both our kitties after food; Taro and Cookie!) would scratch excessively under his chin and around his ears to the point where he would give himself scabs!  We did not think it was fleas since they are indoor cats and never really go outside. We went to the vet just to check it out and he told us that he might have some food allergies.  The vet recommended us to eliminate certain protein and see if it would help. We honestly went to the pet store so many times and bought so many cans and bags of food, it was insane! I am pretty sure we have tried every single cat food out there that is sold in Canada!!  Out of the process of elimination, we think we narrowed it down to chicken that Taro was allergic to, but it was so hard to tell since there are so many ingredients in pet foods! We stopped giving Taro anything that had chicken in it.  As I discovered, a lot of cat food that is salmon, turkey, or any other flavours actually include some sort of chicken in it. Sneaky, sneaky!

Taro posing with Rayne Clinical Nutrition Rabbit cat food

Another issue we were having was when we were able to find a food that Taro liked without chicken in it, within a few weeks, he would decide he did not like the flavour anymore and would stop eating it.  Sometimes we had no choice but to give him something with chicken in it just to make sure he was eating. I guess if I had to eat the same thing over and over again I wouldn’t be thrilled either!

When Food Blogger Canada mentioned that they were teaming up with Rayne Clinical Nutrition, a pet food company that specializes in creating food the was clinically suitable for pets, I was intrigued to see if this was something we can feed Taro to help with his allergies and something that is tasty enough so he won’t stop eating it!

Rayne Clinical Nutrition, a Canadian company (yay!) believes in providing nutrients, not adding them. Their philosophy of whole food nutrition is backed by scientific research done by veterinary and nutrition experts. I was happy to read this since I think your pets eating the right thing will help them live a long healthy life.

The people behind Rayne Clinical nutrition are pet owners, too. They are real people, feeding real food to real pets. I spoke to Heather Parsons, the President of the company and was immediately comfortable telling her the problems we were having with Taro.  She made me feel at ease and after chatting, she recommended the rabbit-maint feline dry and wet food for Taro. You can see their feline food line here.

Rayne Clinical Nutrition Dry Rabbit Cat Food

The rabbit diet was perfect for Taro since it is a single protein diet, so no hidden chicken anywhere! There are also no grain, animal fat, corn, or any other unnecessary fillers in this food.  When you read the full ingredients list, it sounds very tasty and it is good to see real ingredients! (Rabbit, sweet potato flour, coconut oil)

Rayne Clinical Nutrition dog and cat treats

Not only does Rayne have amazing pet foods, they also have treats! All the jerky treats are made for both cats and dogs which is pretty neat! And the kitties love it!

The best part is that Taro LOVED both the wet and dry rabbit food from Rayne. We were so relieved to see Taro munch everything up and lick his bowl clean. We have been giving him this diet exclusively for about two months now and we are happy to say that the food have helped with Taro’s allergies. He is not scratching himself like crazy and giving himself scabs anymore! We are so happy to find a food that helps with his allergies AND he loves eating it too! (So much so that we have to watch how much he eats!)

Cookie enjoying Rayne Clinical Nutrition cat treat

Cookie enjoying Rayne Clinical Nutrition cat food
This is Cookie and she LOVES the food too!

If you are looking for a good quality pet food for your pet or if you are looking for a solution to any health problems your pets might be having, I would recommend talking to your vet and seeing if Rayne is a suitable food to help your pet live a healthier lifestyle. You can check out their page on where to find their products here.

Thanks Rayne for making such amazing food to help with our kitty’s allergies! It is definitely a relief to finally find something right to feed our kitties!



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  1. This is great education for people. I think a lot of people don’t understand that pets require the same nutrition and care for their bodies that we do not o keep them healthy.


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