President’s Choice: Summer Soirée

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I love summer and I love President’s Choice! When PC invited me to their Summer Soirée, I cancelled all of my plans, and marked my calendar!  And it was 100% worth it. President Choice’s line of products have grown so much in past decade, and it’s always fun to see what new products they are showcasing!

Held at the EFS Social Club on King Street in the heart of Toronto, guests were joined by the President’s Choice Cooking School Chefs and Bestellen owner (and Top Chef Canada contestant) Chef Rob Rossi.

Enough talk.  The food.  Some delicious highlights of the evening were:

The Slow-Smoked Beef Brisket from the PC Summer collection.  A good burger sometimes can be hard to come by, but… my goodness.  PC did this one right.  These were full of flavour and were so juicy.  The long line up had people coming for third servings. This burger will definitely be added to our grocery list for our next BBQ.

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Another highlight for me was the PC Flavour Burst Kent Mangoes! These were so sweet and juicy and the best part was – no stringy bits that you might find in a regular mangoes!  Neat fact about these mangoes: they were grown on a private, exclusive orchard specifically for President’s Choice! Talk about unique!

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For dessert, they served up a delicious Orange Cream Pie! If you were like me and loved orangesicle as a child you’ll love this! The texture was creamy and was a perfect match to the graham cracker crust.

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Honourable mention goes to these other mouth watering treats!

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President's Choice

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What have you tried from the President’s Choice’s Summer Collection line? I’d love to hear all about your favourite ingredients and what recipes you used it in!

Thank you President’s Choice for an invitation to this great event.  I’ll be back for more!

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