New Year, New Goals! Recipes, ideas, & tips to eat better in 2016

Sobey's Yoga Session
Milton’s Sobeys Extra Wellbeing Counsellor – Jennifer Viscek

It’s that time of the year where everyone sets their New Year’s resolutions and goals for 2016! Most people have goals related to living better by exercising more and eating healthier.

Life Yoga Studio recently opened in Milton and had Jennifer Viscek, a Wellbeing Counsellor from Milton’s Sobeys Extra visit the studio for an interactive discussion on healthy eating.

Jennifer shared some healthy food trends of 2016, an eating healthy check up, and some great recipes!

No Bake Energy Balls
No Bake Energy Balls

Jennifer shared a recipe for No Bake Energy Ball which was super tasty and packed full of protein and flavours. These are super easy to make (since they are no bake) and would make a great snack and recovery food before and after an intense session at the gym!

Sobey's Yoga Session
Devouring my no bake energy ball!
Salads in a Jar!
Salads in a Jar!

Another great recipe Jennifer shared was the Salad in a Jar. These are great make-ahead lunches or dinners so there are no excuses for not eating right. 🙂

Beautiful and Healthy Salad in a Jar
Beautiful and Healthy Salad in a Jar

You can be very creative with what goes into these jars. You can add cheese, different meats and any of your favourite greens into these salads. There are just a few tips to follow to make sure the salad stays crisp and delicious when you crack it open during lunch! Check out this link for more tips and ideas for different Salads in a Jar you can create!

  1. Dressing on the bottom
  2. Hearty vegetables should be the next layer – they can withstand the acid in the dressing
  3. Pulses and grains should go on top of the hearty vegetables
  4. Softer vegetables like avocados, tomatoes can go next
  5. Add cheese, seeds or meats at this point if desired
  6. Add lettuce or your favourite greens at the end so the greens do not get wilted
  7. Pack your ingredients in tight to avoid condensation from forming in the extra space
Discussing ideas to live healthier in 2016
Discussing ideas to live healthier in 2016

The session was very interesting and I loved how interactive it was. Guests were able to ask questions and get some ideas on how they can achieve their health goals for 2016.

Milton’s Sobeys Extra have other classes in their Community Room like a Smoothie Making 101 class with Jennifer on Jan 19th, various cooking courses with the in house chef and general information sessions with the Sobey’s Wellness team.  For more information, call or visit the store.

Don’t forget to check out Life Yoga Studio if you are looking for a great place to practice yoga. The studio has some great classes like Simply Yoga, OMG This is Insane (A Vinyasa Yoga Practice), and my personal favourite – Yoga with free weights. Since they just opened up, Alia (the owner and yogi) have a great introduction rate for the rest of January.

Excited to try some of these healthy recipes out! What are you doing differently with your exercise and eating routine for 2016? How are you planning to stay on track? Would love to hear some of your ideas, comment below!

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