New Mama in town! Mama’s Pierogies

The long-awaited Mama’s Pierogies is now opened in Downtown Milton!  Food lovers of Milton have been waiting for this new restaurant to open since the beginning of summer and the wait is finally over. Thank you Pierogies God!

Mama’s Pierogies is operated by one passionate family in Milton. They had a dream to open up a restaurant where local Miltonians can enjoy some Polish comfort food.

The decor of the restaurant is modern and comfortable. With little accents throughout the restaurant and beautiful exposed brick walls.  You will feel right at home once you step in. When I visited on opening day, the whole restaurant was full of happy, hungry customers. Milton locals from all ages flocked in on opening weekend, from the kids, to the Milennials couples, to the Mamas and Grandmamas.  It felt like the entire town was here!  And we all had one special thing in common- we are came to enjoy the company and delicious food.

The menu has just the right amount of selections. Everything from the classic potato pierogies to new and innovative flavours like the poutine pierogies, nacho pierogies, and even dessert pierogies that are deep fried and dusted with cinnamon and sugar (my mouth is watering just typing this)!

I ordered the Sampler which includes two of each of the flavours!  My favourite pick is the Meat Lover (chicken, beef, caramelized onions and bacon) and also the Classic (potato, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and bacon). The dough was not too thick and wrapped the ingredients perfectly. They were pan-fried just enough to give a nice contrast between the pillow-y filling and crispier, outer crust.

I couldn’t leave without trying the dessert pierogies. I ordered the strawberry pierogies deep fried (obviously) but you can have them boiled if that tickles your fancy. The strawberry jam-like filling was sweet and the pierogies were oozing with filling. It was nicely deep fried and coated with a cinnamon sugar and served with a nice strawberry dipping sauce on the side – which was super yummy.

They have a basic beverage menu, but one item that does stand out is their freshly-squeezed orange juice, which is a nice change from the typical, overly-sweet Minute Maid OJ that many restaurants offer.

Since Mama’s Pierogies don’t have a website I’ll save you the trouble of calling them. They are located on 222 Main Street East in Milton Ontario, open for business from Monday – Saturday from 11am – 9pm and Sunday from 11am-7pm. They do both take-out and dine-in. Since they cook everything to order, it does take some time for your order to be ready.  But trust me- it’s worth the wait.

This is a great restaurant to grab a bite to eat whether you are on your own or with a large group of people. The restaurant dining area is not too big – about 30 seats or so. Since there are not too many pierogy-specific restaurants in all of Toronto (just a few scattered throughout the city), Mama’s Pierogies is a place for you to add onto your ‘To Visit’ list! So happy to see so many different and more importantly, delicious restaurants opening up in Milton!

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