Miss Bailey Brown Chocolate – A Girl’s New Best Friend

There’s that saying, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. But after devouring two boxes of Miss Bailey Brown Chocolates, I’m pretty sure that chocolates are my new best friend!  Move over, diamonds.

Miss Bailey Brown Chocolate founder Natasha Romero Medrano is a Greater Toronto Area local with passion, drive, and an arsenal of incredible, hand-crafted chocolates. She combined her long-established background in the food industry, wizard-like chocolate chemistry, and her finely-tuned business acumen to develop one of the best up-and-coming chocolate businesses in the region.

Even the company’s name has an creative twist! “Miss Bailey Brown” was originally one of Natasha’s signature chocolate flavours, but her company’s growth of indulgent offerings transformed the chocolate’s namesake into the company name that you see today. And here’s something else that I like about Ms. Medrano’s chocolates – each one tells a story, with “Miss Bailey Brown” being characterized as a fiesty, fun lady from New Orleans that loves food and music… someone you can share a bottle of wine with and enjoy some amazing chocolates, with.

Natasha (left) showcasing her chocolates with the owner of Hawthrone Cafe
Natasha (left) showcasing her chocolates with the owner of Hawthorne Cafe

Recently, I met up with Natasha and she shared her story and her delicious chocolates with me. Here are some pictures before my voracious choco-tite (chocolate appetite.   I just made that up.  Let’s make it a thing.)  devoured them all!

This is the Stay Fit! Stay Sweet! Collection.  All these chocolates are gluten-free and vegan! It features 12 truffles made with coconut milk and dark chocolates. Some of my favourites in this collection included the ‘Chocolate Chai’ and ‘Dance With Me’, the latter of which has ginger and ice wine! YUM! Other unique flavours in this collection includes ‘Almond Crunch’, ‘Maple Pecan Eh?’ and ‘Dark Silk’ (for the curious: the full menu of flavours is available here).

The chocolates pictured above is a seasonally-limited Easter offer, featuring Milk chocolate with a surprise – pop rocks and rice crisps, Lemon Coconest – mini lemon coconut truffles with milk chocolate, ‘Chocolate Chai Butterfly’, and another personal favourite of mine: the Cinnamon Spiced Love, which combines white chocolate, cinnamon and nutmeg ganache.  This collection is made with love and would make a great hostess gift for any Easter dinner party.

If you’re celebrating any milestones like a wedding, bridal party, or a shower anytime soon- Miss Bailey Brown does events and catering too. She’s your gal.  You can buy these delicious hand crafted chocolates from the Miss Bailey Brown’s website, or from Milton’s Hawthorne Cafe.

Thank you to the ever-talented Natasha for sharing these mouth-watering chocolates and giving a secret about where to buy organic chocolate chips for sale, and for sharing her passion in creating such unique, quality indulgences.

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