Milton’s Favourite Diner: Troy’s Diner

It’s a Milton institution.  A fixture, if you will.  If you’ve driven through Main Street, you’ve seen their bright red sign.  And in a few decades, it’ll probably be a Sam The Record Man- style heritage landmark: it’s Troy’s Diner.

Opened in 2005 by longtime Milton resident Troy Newton, Troy’s Diner has been the Town’s go-to place for comfort food and their famous all day breakfast. Imagine a 70s-style diner that looks like something straight out of the movie Grease. Filled with friendly staff, delicious food, and adorned corner-to-corner with every piece of Coca Cola memorabilia you can imagine.  That’s Troy’s Diner!  And it’s like enjoying your meal in a retro museum (heaven for a 1970s music nerd like myself)!


Even though the diner has that great 1970s feel to it, Troy’s Diner has been leading the way with the latest and greatest in restaurant experience technology. Just recently, they launched the Troy’s Diner app, which allows customers to order food for pickup with only a few touchscreen taps (it can be accessed at the Android Play Store, iTunes, or the Troy’s Diner website).  Simply punch in your menu item, tell the app if you’d like ‘Order for Now‘ or ‘Order for Later‘. I had a chance to experiment with the app, and I can see it being really helpful to customers who need to effortlessly place a large take out order for a big group lunch or a workplace special event (Fun Fridays at Troy’s, anyone?).   It’s one of the few apps that I’ve ever used that lets the customer decide when the food should be ready, which is a welcome change to the usual app experience of ‘Punch in your food order, and we’ll tell you when it might be ready”.  Since Troy does many catering events throughout the town of Milton, his customers are loving the ease of use for this new app, and I can see why!

The menu is quite large with every food item that will just make your belly sing. My favourite breakfast item is definitely the western omelette – simple but oh so tasty. They have everything from the go to western style to even vegan options like the Greek or the Veggie Melt! (They actually have lots gluten free, vegan and vegetarian items on their menu.) It just hits the spot!  If you are not a fan of omelettes, how about All You Can Eat Pancakes? Yes, you heard right, its all you can eat, and it is only $5.99! If you are heading in for lunch or dinner, check out one of their juicy burgers, delicious steaks or even liver and onions! Bring your family and friends here, I guarantee everyone will leave happy and full.  Check out their full menu here.

And not only is Troy’s Diner a fun place to grab some great comfort food, but it’s also a Milton institution in every sense of the term. To say that Troy’s “involved” with the community would be a huge understatement.  Every year during the holiday season, the entire Troy’s Diner team and Former Pro Wrestler Tiger Jeet Singh put together the Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation Miracle on Main Street event, where children’s toys are collected for charities like Sick Kids, McMaster Children Hospital, and Halton Women’s Place.  It has become such a important event for Milton, and even gets an annual live broadcast on Toronto’s Breakfast Television. You’ll probably even see people like Deadmau5 and Walter Gretzky make an appearance! Whenever there’s a community event, Troy and his team are there.

With so many restaurant chains popping up, it’s really great to see that there are still places like Troy’s Diner that are so involved in the community at large while serving up amazing, honest food.  Because in my experience, this is what Milton is all about- great people, enjoying honest, great food together.  Make Troy’s Diner your next breakfast destination.

Troy’s Diner is located at:
295 Main Street East
Milton, ON L9T 1P1

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