Make your own matcha tea latte

Matcha is a fine ground green tea from Japan. It is jammed packed full of health benefits and it is getting more popular. You can find matcha in tea, latte, ice cream just to name a few.

It is super easy to make your own tea latte at home to enjoy at any time.

You will need:

Matcha Boost!
– bamboo matcha whisk
– matcha bowl (any wide mouth bowl will do)
– hot water (just a little less than boiling temperature)
– matcha powder (can be found at your favourite bulk store, health food store or coffee/tea shop)
– half cup of skim milk (or whatever milk you prefer)
– raw honey (optional)


1) Pour 1 spoonful of your favourite matcha powder into the bowl

matcha 2
2) Pour 1 cup of hot water into the matcha powder

matcha 3

3) (The most important step), Get your elbow grease ready and whisk away. Using the specially shaped bamboo whisk remove all lumps and ensure all match powder is dissolved. TIP: whisk is a zig zag motion to make sure all powder is dissolved.

matcha 4
4) Steam 1/2 cup of milk in pot until it starts bubbling, remove from heat and whisk to create some foam

matcha 5
5) Top matcha tea with the steamed froth milk

matcha 6
6) Add 1/2 teaspoon of your favourite raw honey to sweeten (optional, you can add sugar, or any flavoured syrup to sweeten as well)

Make your own Matcha!

What are the health benefits of matcha?
1) Increase metabolism
2) Full of antioxidant
3) Provides fiber, vitamin C, magnesium, zinc
4) Boost energy level
5) Tastes delicious!

Enjoy your Matcha Tea Latte! 

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