Kitchen Must Haves! Item #2: The Ninja Blender

Ninja Blender

I have been using my Ninja Blender for about a year now and it is honestly the best blender I’ve used.

I am sure the Vitamix is amazing and can do magical wizard spells, but it is also $700 (Not so affordable)!  The Ninja Blender is only $79.99 on Amazon and it does everything I need it to do.

Here are the reasons why I love my Ninja so much!


When I look for a blender, I am mainly looking for watts and how many blades there are. The Ninja has 900 watts (and you can get different models with higher wattage as well) and can rip through everything from ice to kale in seconds. There are 6 VERY sharp blades that can take on any tough job you put it through. And when I say sharp, I mean sharp! Be careful when you are washing it!


I have made soups, smoothies, pesto, and many other sauces in my Ninja Blender in a matter of seconds. You can even make cake batters with the blender, I like to make my Victorian Sponge Cake batter with the Ninja.

Easy to Use: 

There are really only 4 part: the base, the blender cup, lid and blades. With the 6 blades, you don’t have to shake the blender to try to get the ingredients to fall back down to the blade. Or open the lid, scrape and blend again and again.

Easy to Clean: 

All the pieces come apart and you can put it in the dishwasher. If you want to wash it by hand, the blender cup doesn’t have thousands of ridges and crevices so it is super easy to wash by hand as well.

Great Price: 

Like I mentioned above, the Ninja Blender is only $79.99. There are other models which includes smoothie cups as well as a food processor attachment. When I bought the Ninja, I actually needed a food processor as well, so I got the Mega Kitchen System Combo with the blender and food processor. If you only need a blender, there is no reason to get the Mega Kitchen System.  The Mega Kitchen System usually retails for $200 CDN which is an amazing deal to get two appliances together.

Overall, this is an amazing blender and the price cannot be beat.  It is durable and powerful and will be a handy tool in any kitchen. This would make a great holiday present for your loved ones as well! And did you know it is on Oprah’s favourite things list? If Oprah has one, you have to have one too!

Buy it here today:


(*Disclaimer: this post includes an affiliate link but it is not sponsored by Ninja)

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