Jamie Oliver’s Everyday Super Food (Indigo Exclusive Event. I got the scoop!)

Private Screening with Jamie Oliver
Private Screening with Jamie Oliver hosted by Indigo
Can you find me?
Can you find me? Image by – George Pimentel Photography

Jamie Oliver’s Naked Chef was my first exposure to Jamie Oliver about 15 years ago! (Wow, I feel old!!) I would love watching his show on TVO along side Two Fat Ladies and Jacques Pepin. Watching cooking shows was always one of my favourite pass time when I was younger, but Jamie’s shows really got me wanting to cook and experiment different recipes. His passion for good food, healthy eating, and his strong advocacy and education for healthier school systems is truly inspiring.

Interview and Q&A with Jamie
Interview and Q&A with Jamie
Jamie!  Image by – George Pimentel Photography

Jamie has a new book called “Everyday Super Food” which came out earlier this month in Canada. The book is amazing! The first section of the book features healthy recipes for every meal of the day plus also snacks and drinks.  But my favourite part of the book is how he writes about protein, fats, carbs, effects of water & alcohol consumption and so many more interesting life changing topics.  Another neat thing about this cook book is that Jamie actually took all the photos himself and even studied nutrition so that all the nutritional values are listed for each recipe! I won’t spoil it all for you, but make sure you pick up a copy and start living happier and healthier! You can buy it online at Indigo.

Jamie Oliver Varsity Theatre-3

Along side his new book, Jamie has a new show on Food Network as well.  Jamie’s Super Food features recipes from his book but he also visits countries that have the longest living people. He then cooks recipes that are inspired by those countries.  Indigo Green Room had a private screening of Jamie’s Super Food and Jamie even answered a couple of questions. Jamie’s high energy and intensity makes you glued to the screen. The food he cooks look phenomenal and I cannot wait to try some recipes soon! The show airs on Sundays at 11am on Food Network Canada.

Jamie Oliver Varsity Theatre-4

Jamie will also be opening up his first North American restaurant in Yorkdale mall in December of this year. Jamie’s Italian is already around the world already but I am thrilled that we finally get one in Toronto. Can’t wait to try it!

Image by - Jamie Oliver
Image by – Jamie Oliver

Here is one recipe that looked so amazing on the show, Tasty Fish Tacos. You can check out the recipes here and also see other great recipes from Jamie’s Super Food.

Thank you Indigo for having me at this great event!

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