I’ll tell you what’s good- What’s Fresh Eatery!

Whats Fresh Eatery

Last week, you  were probably binging on a bag full of Hallowe’en junk food.  And now a week past, you’re probably tepidly nibbling on your least favorite candies of last resort.  And the instant regret is just about to kick in.  Because now a pit of processed, unhealthy foods are now sitting in your gut and your body is working overtime to break it down. You feel groggy, your mind is foggy and just… gross.To curb such guilt feeling check out https://www.lifehfcquincy.com/ for a fantastic guide on weight loss management.

The Hallowe’en Hangover.

I have always preached that you are what you eat and that good food really does heal, it’s important to keep your body healthy that’s why you should always protect it with amazon vitamin c serum.  But we’re also in the middle of a busy school year and now we’re prepping for the Holiday Season.  Life is busy.  Life is stressful.  But you need that Hallowe’en hangover cure.  Let me introduce to you to my latest discovery in the Halton Region- the What’s Fresh Eatery located in Oakville.

‘What’s Fresh Eatery’ is actually part of the What’s Good Wellness, and they take a radically different approach to healthy lifestyles.  Because here you can get chef-prepared food, massages, a spinal realignment with a chiropractor and even get acupuncture all under one roof.  A massage and delicious healthy food?  I have found heaven and it is apparently in Oakville!

Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar

Executive Chef Charleston Dollano makes healthy foods that heal your body… and cure that Hallowe’en Hangover. We often think of healthy foods as not as tasty or not as appealing.  But Chef Charleston will change and blow your mind with what “healthy” can taste like! In a world that has become invaded with microwave-based cooking lines, What’s Fresh Eatery is an oasis in a land of chain restaurants, with ingredients that are sourced locally, menus that are tailored seasonally- all made in-house.   This is the place you’ll want to be.

Everything from kombucha to apple cider vinegar are made by Chef Charleston and he even grows his own sprouts!


Veggie bowl with a sous vide egg! Wow!
Veggie bowl with a sous vide egg! Wow!

One of my favourite things about this place: It’s not just about getting fed.  Chef Charleston he is a true believer in using foods to heal and will recommend foods and meals that will help you heal and recuperate.  Sore back?  There’s a dish that eases inflammation.  Headache?  He’s got something to to relax the senses .  The Hallowe’en hangover? 5 CCs of sous vide egg and sprouts.  This is all based on centuries-old Chinese medicine, which is steeped in the belief of balancing the body’s Yin and Yang and depending on your health- “hot” or “cold” foods to balance your body out.

Compressed Watermelon
Compressed Watermelon

Another feature that really stands out about the restaurant for me is the intense details Chef Charleston puts into getting the perfect flavours. He created a compressed watermelon dish where he literally compresses fresh watermelon down so that the flavours were super intensified.  It’s a less traditional, almost scientific approach to fresh eating that it just intriguing to me.  The flavour and texture were unreal. This was honestly the best tasting watermelon I have ever eaten.  When food tastes this great, it is easy to eat (and stay) healthy.

What’s Fresh Eatery also runs cooking classes with Chef Charleston where he will teach you how to cook to heal and make you the best you! The restaurant also does catering south of Perth, so you can be the super star at your holiday potluck.  Once you taste Chef Charleston’s food, you will be dying for more.  Eating healthy, fresh and local can change your life. Mark this one on your bucket list, folks.  It’s great.

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