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After a long day of running around, we were ready for a big meal that will leave us full for hours. We have driven by Homestyle Fish & Chips in Mississauga (located at Eglinton and Creditview) many times but never had a chance to drop by and try them out. We had a craving for Fish & Chips and decided to do some online research for a good place in Mississauga. Homestyle Fish & Chips was on top of many lists and have been open for over 20 years. We decided to give them a shot!

Homey dining room
Homey dining room

The restaurant is small and holds a little over 30 seats. The decor is cute with pictures of fish on walls and the dining room was very homey. As you approach the order desk, a very friendly cashier took your order. The cooks were busy making the fish and chips behind the cash counter with multiple fryers hard at work. After seeing these fryers I decided to check out the air fryer reviews and decided to get one they are a much healthy alternative compared to the regular grease fryers. The menu offered fish and chips with three different types of fish: Halibut, haddock, and cod. We decided to order one halibut and one cod. They also had clam chowder, shrimp, scallops, and chicken fingers on their menu.

Cod and Halibut fish & chips
Cod and Halibut fish & chips

For to-go orders they wrapped up the orders with paper like they do in England. We opted to dine in and the server brought out our food promptly. At the tables they had all the condiments you will need, ketchup, malt vinegar, white vinegar, tartar sauce, salt and pepper.  The plate is served with one large piece of fish beautifully fried to a nice golden colour and it sits on a huge bed of fresh cooked fries.  Even though everything was fried, the plate was not overly greasy and everything had a nice clean taste.

Overall, this is a great family run Fish & Chips joint. If you are in the mood to have Fish & Chips, you should definitely drop by Homestyle Fish & Chips and give them a try.  We will definitely come back when we have another hankering.

Comfort food at its best! After a long day of running around, we were ready for a big meal that will leave us full…
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