Happy 2016 – International Year of the Pulses!


Pulse Feast 2016

I bet you are wondering, what the heck are pulses? Pulses include chickpeas, beans, lentils and dry peas. The United Nation declared 2016 to be the Year of the Pulses. I am so impressed with pulses, they are very versatile, healthy, affordable and sustainable!


Pulses are can be applied to everything, from appetizers, to main courses, to desserts. There are so many creative recipes out there and you can check some out here.

Pulses are also super healthy – they are full of protein, iron, fiber, potassium, folate, antioxidant and cholesterol free. Pulses are a great option for people of all ages, and even have four times as much fiber than brown rice! Amazing!

Another great thing about pulses is that they are super affordable. With the sky rocketing produce prices these days, it is great to have some healthy alternative that won’t break the bank!

Pulse Feast 2016

Pulse Feast 2016

All these things are great, but I think the most impressive thing about pulses are how sustainable the crops are. They require little water irrigation, have very low carbon footprint, can grow in harsh conditions, and the crops actually enrich the soil where they grow! How cool is that?

Chef Michael Smith
Chef Michael Smith

Since 2016 is the year of the pulses, on January 6th, all around the world, chefs, farmers and communities came together to kick off the year of the pulses by hosting Pulse Feast.  The Toronto event was hosted by Chef Michael Smith (he is the Canadian Ambassador!)

The event was filled with food lovers, chefs, industry pros, and farmers from Canada that grow pulses. It was great to see pulses showcased in a variety of different ways. Chef Ivana Raca created many great dishes featuring the very versatile pulse.

Pulse Feast 2016
Cheddar Split Pea Biscuit

Pulse Feast 2016

Delicious Scallop with Red Lentil

Pulse Feast 2016


Chef Michael Smith’s Pulse Taco!
Getting some Pulses home!
Bringing some Pulses home!

There are a lot of science behind the benefits of eating pulses and it can really improve your overall health. They are also good for people who are gluten free and vegan. This superfood has something for everyone! To incorporate more pulses in your diet, take “the Pulse Pledge” and commit to adding more pulses to your diet. For 10 weeks, incorporate 1/2 cup of your favourite pulses once a week and start seeing the difference!


Thank you Crave PR for the invite to this great event!

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