Cure your food fix with Curati, the sophisticated subscription box that ALL Foodies need!

Remember that Seinfeld episode about the mysterious package?

Why’d you refuse that?  Everybody’s loves a package!” said George Costanza.

And George was right.  Everybody does love a package.  A few posts back, I discovered an amazing local meat subscription box: TruLocal.  And like a young child breaking curfew for the first time, it had awoken something in me: a hunger for more subscription boxes.

After hours upon hours of late night searching, I found another subscription box that will excite you. One that is perfect for any Foodie (and let’s be honest, it is never too early to plan for those holiday gifts! Don’t kill me, but Christmas is just a few short months away).

And that subscription box, my friends, is Curati!  Curati is officially described as a “one-stop online shop for foodie finds and your go-to destination for the world’s best small batch artisan goods.”  Personally, I’d prefer to describe it “the Foodie Geekout Delight Subscription box”, and here’s why: The team at Curati consists of Chefs and Sommeliers who are expert in finding the best products for you.  They’re like the A-Team of food nerds.  Name your specialty food item, from chocolates to olive oils to hot sauces, and their local experts will hand-pick each one to suit your preferences then send it straight to your doorstep.  The best part about this subscription box is that you can pick a little bit of everything.  Unfettered freedom.

So I ordered.  Then ordered some more.  Here is what I got in my Curati box (click on each picture and it will link you to the product details):

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, harvested from a pre-historic ocean in Pakistan (translation: I AM EATING JURASSIC PARK SALT)
Bluegrass Soy Sauce, a microbrewed soy sauce.  Microbrew isn’t just for beer, any more!
Guzhu Zi Sun Green Tea, from Zhen Tea (say that ten times fast)
“Dark style” Milk chocolate, 70% Cacao. Strikingly similar to the original stuff produced by the Mayans, aka the world’s first chocolatiers.
Pinch Hot Sauce. Comes with an eyedropper-style applicator so you can hot sauce to perfection.

The website was easy to use, and it arrived super fast! I was so excited to rip the box open and see all the goodies.  All the products from Curati were high quality and tasted fantastic. You can really tell the company took time to source out the best ingredients and products in the market.

I really wanted to try the soy sauce with my Asian Meatball recipe and it turned out great!  Bluegrass Soy Sauce is microbrewed using local ingredients from Kentucky. They actually use bourbon barrels to ferment the soy sauce, giving it a nice, sweeter taste!

Chinese Meatballs

Wait no longer.  Try out Curati.  They give you access to a lot of rare, amazing food that you really can’t find anywhere. I highly, highly recommend it.  Their food items are top notch, fascinating, high quality… and damned tasty.   Because I can’t think of any other company that uses a team of Chefs and Sommeliers that gives you a chance to taste Himalayan Pink Sea Salt extracted from a prehistoric river and microbrewed soy sauce without having to leave your house.  Come on.  That’s just incredible.  These guys make it happen.


Disclaimer: Curati provided the products to me free of charge, but as always, opinions are my own.

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