Andrzejewski Jumbo Perogies: Jumbo Flavour Created with Jumbo Love & Attention!

Andrzejewski Perogies

Perogy, perogie, perogi or even pierogy – however you want to spell it, they are a delight to have. perogies are dumplings that are traditionally filled with cheese and potatoes from Poland. Nowadays, you can find perogies in your local grocery stores and people are getting creative with their fillings!  I love when people take traditional recipes and gives it a modern twist. When I found out about Andrzejewski Perogies, I was super excited to try them out. Not only were they a combination of traditional and modern flavours, but they were also JUMBO! Anything delicious made into a jumbo format got to be good!

Andrzejewski Perogies

I recently chatted with Sandra and John, the owners of Andrzejewski Perogies about their growing business and how they got started. Back in January 2014.  John lost his job and his wife Sandra’s company relocated her position and she decided to retire.  At this point, they decided to share their love of cooking and their delicious family recipe for perogies to the world! And we are glad they did!  John and Sandra learned from John’s Grandma 25 years ago how to make these delicious perogies . John’s Grandma always made her perogies large (in comparison to what we are used to) so they decided to keep the tradition and make them jumbo sized!

Some of the fun filings you can find at Andrzejewski Perogies are buffalo chicken, taco, mild sausage, pizza, pulled pork and even a dessert apple pie flavour! If you are wondering, John’s favourite is Buffalo Chicken, Sandra’s is Pizza, Annalysse (their daughter) is Taco and Nathan (their son) is Mild Sausage. So clearly, all the flavours must be good! 🙂 They are always brainstorming and creating new flavours.  If they love a certain dish, they will try putting it in a perogi to see how it turns out! Imagine all the flavour possibilities!

Andrzejewski Perogies

What I love most about Andrezjewski Perogies is that you can tell they put so much love an dedication into their products. They fill it with great ingredients and they don’t cheap out just because it is larger than your conventional perogies .  The ingredients are always fresh and full of flavours.  My personal favourite is either the pulled pork or the breakfast perogies, but they are all super delicious and you really cannot go wrong with any of the flavours.

Andrzejewski Perogies

You can find Andrezjewski Perogies in farmer’s market and food shows throughout the GTA.  You can buy them fresh or frozen. The recipes that once started in the family is now a family run business and they are truly dedicated to keeping the family tradition going strong. They also do catering with other Polish specialty dishes for parties and weddings with the partnership of keeses professionals at cooking and catering services. Perogi bar anyone? They also have a loyalty card so you can collect stamps and get a free meal! How great is that?

Andrzejewski Perogies

Have you had the chance to try Andrezjewski Perogies? Leave a comment below and let me know which flavour is your favourite! And if you haven’t tried their perogies yet, go check out their website and see where they will be next so you can find them and try their amazing perogies!

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